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Since the first American beefeater clubs were formed over 100 years ago, U.S. beef has been the beef of choice on the discerning diner's plate. In recognition of this, the American Beef Club was founded to identify and guarantee both the origin and the quality of the beef served by the finest hotels and restaurants.

The success of High Quality U.S. Beef lies in the carefully controlled feeding regime developed by America's beef farmers. This selected diet, that includes corn and other grains, and hay and Lucerne, helps produce America's marbled beef, famed the world over for its taste and tenderness.


Indeed, taste and tenderness are considered such important quality attributes in the United States that U.S. beef is subject to a voluntary and strictly defined grading system. Controlled by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), and conducted by a USDA certified grader, these grades include “Prime”, “Choice”, “Select” and “Standard” and indicate levels of marbling and the consistency of the beef. These USDA grades then allow consumers throughout the world to choose U.S. beef on the basis of taste and tenderness. Only U.S. beef graded as “Prime” or “Choice” (the highest quality grades) is eligible to be served under the auspices of the American Beef Club.

In an era of growing public interest in food safety issues, the U.S. Government’s food inspection requirements have helped to maintain and enhance U.S.

Beef’s superior reputation.  All beef that passes the rigorous U.S. Department of Agriculture inspection is stamped by Federal USDA veterinarians to guarantee that the beef was processed under USDA veterinarian supervision and is a wholesome product. All beef served under the American Beef Club is USDA Inspected and Passed.Logo BEEF_new

And, for added peace of mind, the American Beef Club has a network of licensed U.S. and overseas suppliers and distributors approved to sell beef to American Beef Club members.

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