Happening Now: Cattle Industry & NCBA Trade Show Underway

U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue will speak at the convention on Friday at the closing general session of the event.

Vietnam Reduces Tariff Rates For Six Countries on Beef and Pork

The main beneficiaries of the CPTPP tariff rate reductions for beef will be Canada and Mexico, which will see Vietnam's import…

US beef industry sets out Japan trade goals

Beef prices in Russia continue to grow

Since the beginning of the year, the price of this product has increased by 2.2%. This is a new price maximum for this product,…

Photos from American Beef Master Class by Lawrence Char at Kiev, Ukraine

US beef exports declined compared with summer

Exports of US beef declined compared with what was in the summer, but still remains higher than last year.

Argentina to return to the US beef market

Argentina now has the right to export chilled and frozen beef to the United States. Previously, access to the US market was…

Russian beef export veterinary certificate agreed by Turkey

Select Beef Will Be Phased Out

The authors noted that as recently as 2006-2007, Select grade beef accounted for 40% of carcasses, but was reduced to 17% to 18%…

US beef wins access to Morocco

The US beef industry is to have access to the lucrative Moroccan market