Dengaku Steak Dominos

Grilled Pieces of Top Blade Steak with Shiso Mayonnaise in Miso Glaze

Dengaku Steak Dominos

Photos courtesy of Beef Loving Texans (Texas Beef Council)

16 Ingredients

makes 24 servings

90 to 180 minutes

Nutrition information per serving: 390 Calories; 225 kcal Calories from fat; 25 g Total Fat; 6 g Saturated Fat; 10 g Monounsaturated Fat; 74 mg Cholesterol; 1260 mg Sodium; 13 g Total Carbohydrate; 2.1 g Dietary Fiber; 26 g Protein; 3.5 mg Iron; 6.8 mg Niacin; 0.4 mg Vitamin B6; 5.1 mcg Vitamin B12; 8.5 mg Zinc; 34.5 mcg Selenium; 114 mg Choline;


  • Beef Shoulder Top Blade (Flat Iron) Steaks
  • Dengaku skewers
  • Pepper

Miso Glaze:

  • Shiro (white) miso
  • Water
  • Mirin
  • Sake

Shiso Mayonnaise:

  • Shiso leaves
  • Shiro (white) miso
  • Canola oil
  • Water
  • Mayonnaise
  • Toasted white sesame seeds
  • Toasted black sesame seeds
  • Finely snipped fresh chives
  • Fried shiso leaves


1. Miso Glaze. Cut beef Flat Iron steaks into 96 (1-1/2-inch) cubes. Thread 2 steak cubes onto each skewer; season with pepper. Wrap skewer handles with aluminum foil; cover and refrigerate. Combine glaze ingredients in saucepan; bring to a simmer. Cook 15 to 20 minutes or until thick and reduced by almost half. Cover and refrigerate until ready to use.
Yield: 3 cups

2. Shiso Mayonnaise. Place shiso, miso, oil and water in food processor. Cover; process until puréed. Add mayonnaise. Cover; process until smooth. Pour into squeeze bottle; refrigerate until ready to use.
Yield: 3 cups.

3. Brush 2 steak skewers with 2 Tbsp Miso Glaze. Grill to medium rare to medium doneness. Sprinkle top faces of steak cubes with 1/4 tsp white sesame seeds, 1/4 tsp black sesame seeds or 1/4 tsp chives, so that top faces of cubes on each skewer have a different coating. Drizzle 2 Tbsp Shiso Mayonnaise on plate; arrange skewers on top. Garnish with 3 shiso leaves.


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